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Makeup That Works For Your Lifestyle

2-in-1 products with high-performance formulas and refillable twist-on + off tools.

Our trèStiQue Mission

trèStiQue creates everyday beauty essentials that simplify how you use, carry and apply makeup—perfect for life on-the-go. The 2-in-1 products with high-performance formulas feature refillable twist-on + off tools.

Designed to simplify your routine with long-lasting formulas, magnetic sealing caps to keep your makeup bag clean, no dirty brushes and zero mess. We have everything you need and nothing you don't to help give you back your time.

“I created trèStiQue to solve a problem. In the midst of building a career, traveling and starting a family, my beauty routine just couldn’t keep up – my makeup bag was messy and heavy to carry, full of complicated products that didn’t perform the way I wanted them to. It was time to reevaluate the way we use, carry + apply makeup.” - Jennifer Kapahi, Co-Founder of trèStiQue

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First to Market 2-in-1 System


1 — high performance makeup

We formulated new generation textures that are universal and flattering. They wear longer, smudge better, glide smoother and feel lighter on skin.

2 — magnetic seal

We engineered the very first custom magnetic pencil for higher performance makeup and a very satisfying click. It's addictive, trust us!

3 — trèSwitch tools

We developed the very first built in tools for pencils. Twist-on and twist-off to switch or refresh your tool at any time.

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The Founders

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The Founders

A busy working mom who was always traveling, co-founder Jenn Kapahi wanted to find a quicker, easier everyday makeup routine that would allow her to get ready in 5 minutes, anytime, anywhere. Although a beauty expert, Jenn was not able to find any brand that provided a complete routine that was easy to use and easy to carry. And so tréStiQue was born.

Intent on creating a different kind of beauty routine, founders Jenn Kapahi and Jack Bensason merged their 25 years of experience to found trèStiQue—the luxury brand bringing innovation to everyday cosmetics.

Together, their vision is to continuously ideate and create products that simplify beauty routines and are customized to a woman’s lifestyle.